Want to upgrade your tendering process? Try BIM

How BIM can streamline the tendering process

In today’s competitive climate, winning tenders can be more challenging than ever. Many contractors and developers in the Architectural, Engineering and Construction industries are turning to innovative technology such as BIM (Building Information Modelling) to make the process run a lot smoother.

BIM is a talking point that you’ve probably heard cropping up in a lot of AEC circles for a while now and it’s hardly surprising – it allows developers to manage both the physical characteristics of a project while also consolidating the time, cost and quality elements in a digital space.

Although it’s often viewed as a platform for CAD software, BIM is primarily a philosophy for best working practices, allowing businesses to streamline their operations and save on costs, time and hassle. By utilising traditional quantity surveying techniques in conjunction with modern BIM strategies, businesses can provide more detailed, realistic estimates when it comes to quoting for work.

Working out the costs of a multifaceted job can be a headache for quantity surveyors. Fortunately, BIM is grounded firmly in these practical concerns, representing the functional and physical aspects of your project. Because of this, your business can make a highly detailed assessment of the scope of works, pricing the job with an accurate bill of quantities and feasible delivery dates.

Furthermore, it ensures that everybody involved is working on the same page. Since project information is pooled together on a shared user platform, everybody benefits from a shared vantage point, able to assess information simultaneously while also being able to immediately access any changes made to documents during the tender stage.


  • Manage the physical and functional attributes of a project
  • Keep track of time, cost, and quality in a digital space
  • Create realistic estimates for quotes and bills of materials
  • Information is available to all project teams simultaneously; any changes made are immediately accessible

In the right hands, BIM offers the clearest, most feasible vision of your goals that currently exists, and the possibilities stretch far beyond the tendering stage. At DATS we can assist you during the pre-construction phase through to construction and handover. Our extensive knowledge of working practices and software allows us to provide a comprehensive CAD modelling service in a BIM environment.

So, if you want a head start on your Building Design projects, there are many benefits to adopting the BIM approach from the ground floor up. Contact DATS today on 01925 403800 if you’re interested in knowing more about what BIM can do for you and how we can help.