We meet CAD Technician, David

David Johnson is a man of many talents. He’s currently a CAD Technician with DATS but started his career as an Admin Assistant. He’s also dabbled in a bit of blogging and has even interviewed John Bishop! We thought we’d take a few minutes to find out more about David’s many skills.

Tell us about your role with DATS.

I’m a CAD Technician and have been in my current role for almost five years now. I assist in the production of CAD drawings – anything from P & IDs to building services.

And what about your background?

I studied English Literature and Film Studies at Bangor University. I joined DATS in 2013 but in their recruitment division as an Admin Assistant.

What attracted you to DATS?

I felt that DATS was a company that would provide me with the potential to develop my role in unexpected ways. And given my route into CAD, that was definitely the case! Over the years I’ve been able to work in both the CAD and recruitment departments and have even dabbled in a bit of technical blogging for the business.

What’s the best thing about your role?

It’s having the opportunity to learn new skills and grow with the company – whether that means being trained up on new software or gaining experience on the vast variety of projects that DATS works on. Personally, I’ve benefited from being outsourced to a company based in Bury working for a major dairy producer this past year. Working directly with the Process Engineers has provided me with a new perspective and a deeper insight into their operating procedures.

Do you have a claim to fame?

Having done Film Studies I was once covering a film premiere in Liverpool. I was lucky enough to be able to interview John Bishop and some of his fellow comic performers for an online publication.