Are any of the following problems holding your business or project back? 

As projects arise or deadlines loom, many challenges may come your way.

Sometimes, it seems there is no solution; however, there may well be!

In this article, we have highlighted several challenges that many clients, within the industry face.

All the following 3 problems, have one simple solution –  Point Cloud Scanning.

1. I need to make alterations to an existing plant area to accommodate a change in service requirements

By carrying out a point cloud scan of the existing plant room and using the data, all the various orientations/scenarios for the different pieces of equipment/service routes can be played out in a CAD environment beforehand. This ensures you know the final solution will be the best one.

2. I need accurate 2D plans/elevations 

By carrying out a point cloud scan we can extract, accurately measure from and trace over HDR photographs. Meaning we eliminate the element of ‘user error’ that could come from a traditional survey, in addition to having the model as a ‘live’ point of reference.

The scanner produces black and white and colour HDR scans and photographs which are used to accurately measure from or trace over to produce 2D CAD plans/elevations.

3. We need an up to date survey of our building/facility but can’t allow the disruption to the working environment, a measured survey would take.

By carrying out a point cloud scan we can minimise the disruption caused to the working environment as the time taken is a fraction of the time a traditional measured survey would take.

Point Cloud Scanning is a revelation for the Engineering industry as it increases both efficiency and accuracy with the way in which the industry is able to work.
The top 3 things it provides to the end user is:

  • Time reduction – Much fewer man-hours spent in carrying out a survey
  • Cost reduction – Due to the subtraction of man-hours needed, this significantly reduces the final costs
  • Error reduction – Having the point cloud data to refer back to eliminates a good portion of ‘user error’ especially if the site isn’t local.

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