How Clients Are Meeting Tight Project Deadlines

As we head towards the last few months of the year an increasing number of our clients are turning to Outsourced CAD services or contractors and sub-contractors to fulfil gaps in their workforce and projects. Below are a number of advantages using these services…

CAD – Advantages of Outsourcing CAD Projects

In the architectural, engineering and construction sectors it is becoming a growing trend for companies to outsource their Computer Aided Design projects, and with good reason. Here are some of the key benefits:

  1. Savings on time and infrastructure spending – Cutting out the hassle of in-house recruitment drives and software spends will save money and allow you to spend more time on core business operations.
  2. Technical Expertise – Our team of dedicated specialists can bring a wide range of technical know-how and industry experience to your project.
  3. Efficient collaborative processes – In an increasingly BIM-oriented construction environment, cloud-based sharing allows you to track and manage projects from pre-construction through to handover, collaborating with our outsourced team every step of the way to produce fully coordinated working/as-built drawings.
  4. Reduced risk of errors – We adhere to best practice, always keeping one eye on quality control.
  5. Effective communication and planning – If you source local CAD operators there is always the opportunity to arrange crucial face-to-face meetings, while applications such as Skype open up the possibilities for video conferencing nationally and even globally.
  6. Flexible, diverse CAD solutions – Working with an assortment of CAD software packages, we offer client-based solutions, tailor-made to meet your requirements.

An alternative to Outsourced CAD services is Contracting/Subcontracting.

Recruitment – Advantages of Using Contractors

An increasing number of our recruitment clients are turning to contractors and sub-contractors to fill gaps in their workforce. There are various advantages to this approach, for instance:

  1. Flexibility – You can hire contactors when you need them, allowing you to be more flexible with your finances and workload.
  2. Specialist/Expertise – You can draw on experts within a given field to support on one-off projects.
  3. Headcount – You can keep your headcount level within a business and bring in contractors during spikes in workload.
  4. Permanent Focus – By using contractors for one-off projects you are able to keep your permanent staff focused on key projects within the business.
  5. Cost – No additional business cost in terms of PAYE or National Insurance contributions.
  6. Cover – Contractors can be used as a temporary cover for permanent staff (sick cover or maternity cover).

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