Here’s Why You Should Outsource Your CAD Services

More and more companies in the architectural, engineering and construction sectors are outsourcing their CAD projects, and with good reason. 

Working with the expertise of local CAD companies cuts out the hassle of in-house recruitment drives and software costs, saving you both money and time and allowing you to focus on core business operations. The collaborative process allows for a more efficient workflow, aided by cloud-based sharing platforms. In short, CAD outsourcing would bring many benefits to your business – reducing costs, improving quality control and helping you to deliver projects on time.

Collaboration is easier than ever

These days it’s hard to talk about collaboration without mentioning “The Cloud”. Hosting platforms such as A360 and BIM360 allow companies to share and review project information with great ease, whether in the office or on-site. In an in an increasingly BIM-oriented construction environment, cloud-based sharing allows clients to track and manage projects from preconstruction through to handover, collaborating with our outsourced team every step of the way to produce fully coordinated working/as-built drawings. Reviewing drawings and providing feedback can be provided almost instantaneously, reducing the need for physical mark-ups.

The efficacy of today’s hosting platforms is especially beneficial to companies that need a quick turnaround; collaborating with specialist CAD operators lessens the risk of errors that may come with trying to hire and train staff in a hurry.

Getting to know your operations

While the advances in data-sharing and project management are a great argument for outsourcing your CAD, greater still is the flexible service that an outsourced team can offer. A common misconception about using third-party companies is the notion that you lose the “hands-on” experience that you get with in-house operators. If you source local CAD operators there is always the opportunity to arrange crucial face-to-face meetings, while applications such as Skype open up the possibilities for video conferencing nationally and even globally.

At DATS we always ensure that we understand the full scope of works, scaling our operations to meet your requirements. For example, if you’re not working from existing drawings, DATS can conduct a building survey on-site and produce the CAD drawings back at the office. If you need a CAD technician to work full-time at your offices, we can send an expert to liaise with your team, even drawing on our recruitment division if needed to meet your specific requirements. If your project requires a hosted MEP model to assist with on-site coordination, we can produce a user-friendly solution, complete with any training that may be required to get it up and running. To summarise, as an outsourced CAD company we offer a diverse range of client-tailored solutions. As leading specialists in the field, we are dedicated to best practices.

Applying the right software

This flexibility also extends to software. Every project differs in size, scope and skill set. Whether it’s a fully coordinated BIM model for a large building project, a 2D Process and Instrumentation Diagram (P&ID), or a 3D print prototype for a product design, DATS has an impressive catalogue of software packages to take the job on.

Summary: Why Outsource CAD?

  • Savings on time and infrastructure spending
  • Dedicated team of specialists – adhering to best practice
  • Efficient collaborative processes
  • Reduced risk of errors
  • Effective communication and planning
  • Flexible, diverse CAD solutions

So, when your CAD responsibilities are overwhelming or just too complex to solve alone, consider the perks of an external (yet highly specialised) digital service; contact DATS today on 01925 403800 if you’re interested in knowing more.